The Investment Academy

A true stockmarket investment education. The Investment Academy is an online educational seminar about stockmarket investments. It´s basically a crash-course about financial markets and stockmarket investments, designed for absolute beginners with no prior experience in these fields. You will learn all the basic information about stockmarket, how do they work, how to get involved yourself and why should you start investing. No previous knowledge is required. The course was initially taught at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand with great success and transformed many young students into first-time investors.

Course outline and topics:

  1. Why should you start investing
  2. What is stockmarket, why does it exist and how does it work
  3. Basic information about shares and shareholders
  4. History of stockmarket
  5. Comparing shares with other investment instruments
  6. Basic investment rules (return, risk and liquidity)
  7. Basicinvestment strategies
  8. Most common investment mistakes and financial myths
  9. Model portfolios – how to find the right shares for you
  10. How to read annual reports and valuate companies
  11. Fundamental and technical analysis
  12. Automated systems VS common sense
  13. Fivedo´s and don´ts
  14. What you need to do before investing
  15. Derivatives
  16. Options and futures
  17. ETFs and other derivatives
  18. Current market opportunities
  19. Practical analysis of two NYSE companies
  20. Practical analysis of two NASDAQ companies
  21. Taxes
  22. Ratings
  23. Recommendation for good sources of information (websites, books, movies, famous investors, demo accounts)
  24. Common terms

The course is still being developed, but is about 90% ready and should be published before the end of March 2014. Watch this space! :-)
David Rektorys,
8 Apr 2013, 01:31